Hardcore mode is not an actual game mode in Minecraft. It is a set of rules and guidelines for experienced survival players. You have only one life. When you die you must create a new world.


Ranging in difficulty from simple and easy to outrageously insane. These are player defined goals.

Double Creepers All The Way...Edit

Attract two creepers, and have one explode killing the other.

It's PrettyEdit

Dye a sheep.


Make a picture out of wool.


Make every colour of wool.

Walk like an EgyptianEdit

Make a sandstone house.


Kill a creeper with a piece of TNT in hand.

I ain't no VeganEdit

Kill a pig with a piece of ham.

I am a VeganEdit

Don't eat or use meat, eggs, fish, milk or Leather. Don't kill any animal.

Hot TubEdit

Take a bath in lava and survive


Plant every sapling you come across.

Fishing in HellEdit

Kill a ghast with a fishing pole

Warm and CozyEdit

Build a fireplace in a log cabin

I can reedEdit

Build a library.


Trap a creeper in a glass prison


Build a temple to a god. Pray.

God WatchingEdit

Create a look out tower above the clouds

Sea lab 2121Edit

Build a glass under water base

Night DwellerEdit

After the first day, never see the sun again.


Kill a zombie pigman with a piece of ham (cooked or not)

Death WishEdit

Dig straight down for 30 or more blocks, without healing

Creeper ClosetEdit

Find a creeper in a space barely big enough for him.

This can be a 1x2 gap in solid rock, or a Herobrine-like notch in the wall.

Herp derpEdit

Find a mentally-challenged monster

Itsy BitsyEdit

Drown a spider

Iron FistEdit

Kill 30 enemies with a piece of iron.

You're My Hero!Edit

Play on the same server as your favorite lets play player

Robin HoodEdit

Make a bow

Partially Blind and DeafEdit

Play with no audio and close fog

Mass ExplosionEdit

Get 5 or more creepers to explode at the same time


Survive 5 waves of dungeon spawns

Angry MobEdit

Kill Coestar (will only work if you play servers and if Coe is on)

Math ClassEdit

lava + water = cobblestone!

I'll see you in minecraft HellEdit

Make a Nether portal


Die from falling with 8 or more hearts


Die while being distracted by something shiny

My favorite color is OrangeEdit

Only use jack-o-lanterns to light your base


No torches for you!

Or jack-o-lanterns.

Or lava.

Lightstone is okay.

Get off my lawnEdit

Repair every creeper crater


After you exit your base you must move on

Night OwlEdit

Stay up all night In game and/or in Real life


Hit a Zombie pigman and get it to forgive you

I can see Russia from my houseEdit

Construct an igloo

I'm a lumberjackEdit

After punching your first tree, use an ax

It's not a typoEdit

Collect a full stack of netherrack

Bloody KnucklesEdit

Break a piece of obsidian without tools

Tree HuggerEdit

Plant over 100 saplings


Spend a night in a tree

Hey this thing is brokenEdit

Get lost with a compass in your inventory

Which way is upEdit

Get lost within sight of home.

Pro: Get lost *in* your home.

Premature optimisationEdit

Acquire a stone pickaxe without building any wooden tools. (single-player only)

Pro: Acquire diamond tools without building any wooden, iron, or gold tools

What does this button do?Edit

Be killed by redstone triggered event

What the CRAP!Edit

Die in a "safe" area

Death from aboveEdit

Be killed by a ninja creeper

Bucket brigadeEdit

Build a portal without using a diamond pick

Let's get this show on the BoomEdit

Die before the first sunset


Use only gold armor

This isn't chinaEdit

Fall into the void

Cooking is for sissiesEdit

Eat only raw meat

Hell on EarthEdit

Have a ghast spawn outside the nether


Die while invulnerable on a multiplayer server, or kill another player who is.

Disney Villian DemiseEdit

Have a mob fall and die offscreen.

Davey JonesEdit

Die in a boat.


Have a pet zombie

Burning down the houseEdit

Burn to death while your house is on fire.

I am going to kill him with my axeEdit

Kill an enemy with an axe

Spleefed by NotchEdit

Have a leaf block despawn under you, and die from the fall

There are some who call me TimEdit

Kill an enemy with a cannon

Pro: on the first shot.

Two birds with one stoneEdit

Catch up with a Let's Play series while on camera.

Stranded 2Edit

Spend a night on an island, twice.

Who needs a bow?Edit

Kill a mob by hitting it with an arrow.


Collect a chest full of porkchops.

Y U no take workbench?Edit

Use a workbench in a dungeon

Doing it wrongEdit

Visit a dungeon and leaves items in a chest


Find diamond before iron


Find diamond in a vertical mineshaft

Pro: 1x1 mineshaft


Destroy a block without the proper tool, causing it to not drop an item.

Pro: It was diamond ore.

Risky behaviourEdit

Almost die as a result of completing another achievement.

Hair of the dogEdit

Kill a creeper with dynamite.


Get excited by an ore seam, only to discover that it contains one block.

Pro: Diamond ore.


Fall into lava while carrying diamond.


While angry, turn 9 string into cloth.

Gift from GodEdit

Find an apple in a dungeon.

Pro: It's a golden apple.

Slow learnerEdit

Almost kill yourself, then die the same way.

15 tonsEdit

Fill a large chest with cobblestone.

No torch left behindEdit

Collect all your torches as you leave a cave

Pro: Start collecting at the exit, so that you must walk back in the dark.

I've been working on the railroadEdit

Build a minecart track at least 100 blocks long.


Fill 5 large chests with 64-stacks.


Never destroy an item.


Fill a large chest with redstone


Push a pig into lava

Low contrastEdit

See a creeper die to a cactus.


All structures must have appropriate supports, even during construction.


Be killed by a cactus

Feng shuiEdit

Never place a cobblestone block.


Die to a spider.

Thinking with portalsEdit

Place a portal in the nether that appears in an existing base.


Trap a squid in a glass display

Ice to see youEdit

Manage to use ice as glass

Have an ice dayEdit

Slide off ice to your doom


Kill a pig with a bone

99 Red BalloonsEdit

Get 99 achievements

Grind your bones...Edit

Use bone meal to grow wheat

Second handEdit

Create a set of armor made from all the different armor materals [Lether Gold Iron Diamond]

Growing TreeEdit

Put bonemeal on a sapling.

Its Ugly!Edit

Hit coloured wool off a sheep that you dyed.

Its Music!Edit

Play a song using Note Blocks

Sheeping BagEdit

Make a sleeping bag out of wool.

Tard ProofingEdit

Think that you are safe on a tard pillar, then get knocked off by a spider that climbed up.


No entering, or collecting, or altering of water. Blocks must be placed at least 1 space away from any visible water. No boats are allowed, only bridges or tunnels to cross water.


No attacking any mobs. Only running away from mobs, and trapping or barricading mobs, is allowed.

Non-pro: Corrupted Pacifist - Allowed to build dark-room/dungeon harvesters. Allowed to lure animals into cactus/lava/water.

Breatharian Edit

No eating of any kind. Avoid all damage!


Nomadic block-collection game, described in detail at For teams or solo. Score system and Hall of Fame in forum thread.

Achievement Lists: LivestreamersEdit



I am going to kill you with my axe

It's Pretty!
It's Ugly!
Walk like an Egyptian
I Ain't No Vegan
You're My Hero!
Robin Hood
I'll See You In Minecraft Hell
Get Off My Lawn
Night Owl
What the CRAP!
Death From Above

  • Asterisks denote Pro Mode

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